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5 Reasons Why HVAC Replacement in Spring is a Great Idea!

More time for Comparisons If replacement isn’t an emergency and your old system still works, you're not in a dire situation and time is on your side. This situation also allows extra time so you can research the many different equipment options and choosing which system is the correct solution for your home's comfort needs. 

Easier Budget Planning Replacing your ac or furnace in the middle of a cool/hot season is always an unexpected surprise that some of us are not financially prepared for! Planning ahead gives you time to save and prepare for the cost of upgrading. You can also take a little extra time to see what options you have for financing if that is a need. Spring time also means tax refund time! If you are expecting a refund, this gives you the option to apply those funds toward a new furnace or air conditioner. 

Manufacturer Deals Because many homeowners rely less on their HVAC system in the spring, many manufacturers will offer deals or rebates to remind homeowners of their HVAC needs. 

Good Weather Weather in the spring is typically nice and it is easier for a homeowner to go without heating or air conditioning for a day while the system is being replaced.

Flexible Schedules As temperatures are typically mild during spring, HVAC companies are dealing with very few emergency breakdowns and replacements. This allows these companies to better accommodate you with an installation date that works best for your schedule.

To schedule a free estimate with 72 Degrees to discuss your replacement options, call 515-965-7272 or email us at today! Don't forget to ask your Service Advisor about the current rebates that are available!

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