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Advantages of Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

What are those small, indoor devices you see installed on walls in homes, restaurants, and office buildings?

Those would be mini splits or ductless heating and cooling systems. They are consisted of four components capable of heating or cooling either large areas of your home or individual rooms. They are ideal for homes with a central thermostat with rooms that tend to be too cool or too warm. Here are the pros of installing one in your home:

Quick and Easy to Install Traditional ducted systems can take a long time to install and disrupt daily activity in your home. Ductless systems are far less invasive and only require a three inch hole. You can have one up in running in as little as one day.

Save Money Utility costs will only increase, making ductless heating and cooling systems even more popular. Inefficient, bigger systems can make your monthly bills soar while these smaller systems use less power and have more efficiency as they directly deliver air to where it is intended to go.

Improve Indoor Air Quality Traditional HVAC systems must be cleaned on a regular basis and even then, dust and other allergens are left behind. Ductless systems offer multi-stage filtration that drastically reduce allergens and other particles in the air, helping you breathe better.

Lowers Your Carbon Footprint Due to their small size, you are able to heat or cool various zones in your home without the ductwork. This means no air loss or heating and cooling spaces that don't need it, allowing for increased efficiency.

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