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Cutting your water heating costs.

We are always looking for ways to save energy.  When it comes to our water heater, it sometimes feels like a losing battle.  Especially if you have a conventional storage water heater that heats the water that is just sitting in our pipes not being used.

So, how can you cut costs and keep it from being such an energy hog?


For every 10 degrees that you turn down your water heater, you save 3%-5% on your bill.  Most water heaters come preset to 140 degrees which can also be too hot.  The Energy Department recommends keeping your water heater thermostat at 120 degrees.  That is high enough for your needs and to prevent mineral build up in your tank and pipes.


One way to guarantee a lower bill is to use less hot water.  Here are 2 ways you can decrease the usage of hot water:

Install low-flow shower heads and faucets throughout your home.  These typically cut your water consumption by 25% - 60%!  Wow!

Make sure to use the economy setting on your dishwasher and break the pre-washing habit.  Modern dish washers can handle dirty dishes much better than the older models. 


All water tanks naturally build up sediment.  If not drained routinely, that sediment can reduce efficiency and make saving energy a challenge.

Tip: Most manufacturers recommend draining your water tank once or twice per year.  You don’t have to completely drain your tank; in fact, the Department of Energy recommends draining less water more often. 


By insulating your water pipes, water will arrive to your faucet nearly 4 degrees warmer.  Just think of the heat you are losing while your water travels through pipes without insulation!  Insulating blankets are cheap and are a great way to reduce costs.


Most newer models now come insulated.   If you have an older tank, especially if it is located in an area that is not heated, wrapping it with an insulating blanket is relatively cheap (about $20)  and a great way to reduce costs.  An insulated blanket can cut your heat loss up to 45% and reduce your bill up to 9%.

If you have a newer model that is already insulated there is no need to add more insulation.  Too much can block critical components and become hazardous.

If you need service on your water tank call (515) 292-7272 to speak to our team at 72 Degrees Comfort Company

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