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Energy Saving Myths

Did you know that your HVAC system only accounts for about 48% of your home energy usage? Modern appliances and electronics take up the majority of your home energy consumption and that number is expected to rise.

There are a lot of energy saving tips and tricks to help reduce your home energy usage and save money, but beware, not all are true. Avoid these 5 energy saving myths that may be costing you.

Closing Vents Saves Energy Your HVAC system functions as a balanced system. Closing vents in unused rooms puts back pressure on the fan that pushes air throughout your home, redirecting it to other areas and even through air duct leaks. This forces your system to use more energy and ends up costing you more money.

Ceiling Fans Cool Rooms A room doesn’t feel hot, you do. There is no benefit to running a ceiling fan in an empty room, fans only circulate air throughout the room, making your skin feel cool but does not actually cool the air. Using a ceiling fan may allow you to raise the thermostat, but leaving a room unoccupied with it on wastes energy.

Setting the Thermostat Lower Cools Your Home Faster Walking into a hot house and cranking your thermostat down to 70 degrees is like pushing the elevator button repeatedly; it doesn’t make a difference.

Most Heat is Lost Through Windows Heat loss through windows is a small percentage in your home compared to the walls due to their larger surface area. It is more effective to re-insulate your home before upgrading to energy efficient windows. Although replacing old single pane windows with energy efficient windows does save some money, it also depends on the number of windows in your home, their orientation, location, climate and overhangs.

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