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Heating Your Finished Basement

Iowa winters are brutal, and since heat rises, you won't want to spend those long drawn out months shivering in your basement. Ideally, you'll want to hook up your heating while working on other aspects of the basement since it's easier to install while the walls and ceiling are open.

Here are some popular heating options:

Portable Electric space heaters are the easiest option if you don't plan on using your basement for long periods of time. If you plan on using the basement as a bedroom or permanent living space, space heaters cam present safety issues.

Extend Ductwork Extending your existing system will provide your basement with consistent heat. Make sure to consult with your local HVAC professionals to ensure the balance of your system won't be thrown off with added registers.

Stoves Having a gas fireplace or pellet stove installed adds charm while providing warmth to your basement. However, they do require more maintenance and you'll have to add a vent through you walls.

Electric Baseboards These are easier to install and provide a more permanent source of heat than a space heater. They require a special 220 volt circuit and you'll need to hire an electrician.

Radiant Heating If you're re-doing your floor, it's the perfect opportunity to install radiant heating, which heats from the ground up. They are more expensive than baseboard heaters but are less obtrusive.

Let us help find the perfect solution for your basement heating! Call 72 Degrees Comfort Company at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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