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Is an AC Tune-Up Worth it?

You wouldn’t buy a brand-new vehicle and never anticipate to schedule any maintenance for it, such as getting new oil or putting on new tires. The same goes for your air conditioning. It’s a machine that consumes fuel and has moving parts. Like an automobile, it can get leaks and moving parts can wear out.

Having your unit examined seasonally can help spot small troubles before they become major meltdowns.

Reasons to Tune-Up Your AC in the Spring

  • It keeps your system clean: Since your AC is installed outside, it’s more susceptible to experiencing a buildup of dirt, leaves and other yard debris which can greatly affect your equipment’s efficiency. While you can clean the unit yourself, you should call a professional to maintain delicate internal parts.

  • It keeps your unit efficient: Dirt and debris that collect inside your unit can force it to work harder and restrict airflow. Both of these troubles can lead to higher energy needs—and a higher utility bill!

  • It can prolong your system’s life span: A clean unit is an efficient one and might even help it last for a greater period of time. That’s money that you’ll save on your monthly energy costs and in the long-term.

  • It helps spot little issues before they lead to pricey problems: During professional AC maintenance, your specialist will keenly examine parts and carry out a series of cooling performance tests. These in-depth measures often allow us to locate problems before they create big troubles that cause a costly repair bill.

  • It helps deliver stress-free cooling throughout the season: After your equipment is maintained, you’ll have peace of mind realizing your system is well-prepared to provide worry-free air. Even on the hottest days.

  • It keeps your warranty in place: Most manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep your warranty going. Without this service, your equipment is at risk for advanced meltdowns and lowered efficiency.

Today is a great day to request your AC maintenance! Contact 72 Degrees Comfort Company at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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