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Keep Your Garage Warm This Winter

Pretty soon you'll be able to open up your garage door and welcome in the warmth of springtime. Until then, whether you spend a lot of time in there or not, keeping a garage warm is more than a luxury. It can save you money along with a range of other benefits. Learn how to keep your garage warm this winter by reading our tips below.

Insulation Investing or improving your garage insulation is the cheapest way to ensure warmth and limit heat loss. Insulate the walls with 4 inches and ceiling with 6 inches of insulation; this offers a lot of added comfort. Install it snugly so there are no gaps and securely fasten it.

Caulking and Weatherstripping Replacing cracked, worn, or missing weatherstripping/caulking around the garage door and windows is inexpensive and effective at keeping out cold drafts and limiting heat loss. Installing a weather seal where the garage door meets the ground is essential for keeping out the elements. You can pick up a DIY weatherstripping kit from your local home store.

Garage Heaters The best garage heaters can help you tackle poor insulation, since garages can get incredibly cold it can be difficult to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. There are many different types of heaters, all with their own pros and cons. The best garage heater for you will ultimately depend on how a particular model suits your circumstances. Talk to professional to help with this decision.

Are you in need of a garage heater or have more questions? Call 72 Degrees Comfort Company at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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