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Spring Cleaning isn't just for Closets! Don't Forget Your Air Conditioner!


t’s March and before you know it, spring will be knocking at our door! Before plunging into summer with days on end of air conditioning, it is best to prepare your air conditioner for the season ahead. Spring is the best time to visit your AC!

As we begin to exit winter and the harsh weather that it brought, we need to understand that those elements are tough on our outdoor equipment. The consistent low temperatures that we experienced this winter can affect our AC’s spring start up. With little effort and a few checks, you can ensure that your summer season of cooling will be trouble free.

Here are some steps that you can take before switching your cool button to on:

  • Inspect the outside panels of your AC unit. If you are missing a panel or one is out of place, call a qualified technician to assess it before turning it on.

  • Remove any covers, coil blankets, or lids that you may have added to your unit in preparation for winter. This is a very important step as running your system even for a short time with any of these on could severely damage it.

  • Check your copper pipe insulation. If it is damaged in any way, you will want to replace it. Any damaged insulation would cause a loss of required cooling for the outdoor unit which could damage the unit.

  • Remove debris from the outside coil. You may find vegetation, trash, or other debris trapped around it which is common. These coils are designed to transfer heat and any debris could reduce your unit’s ability to do so.

  • Clean your supply vents and air returns. You want to make sure that these vents are open and clear of debris. It’s always a good idea to use a vacuum to remove any pet hair or dust build up. Make sure to clean these vents with every single season change.

  • Turn on your AC and make sure it works. On your first warm day, turn on your unit and check to make sure that you have cool air coming from your vents. It’s a good idea to continue to check the vents for cool air every few hours throughout the day. If no air is coming out or the air is not cool, something isn’t working correctly. Turn your unit off immediately as running your unit when something isn’t working right can permanently damage your system.

In summary, this brief check list could save you money in the long haul by allowing your system to run efficiently throughout the summer months.

A licensed technician from 72 Degrees can do a more technical inspection for you if you have not had a professional inspection in a while. Summer is just around the corner and you don’t want to get left without air conditioning during those hottest summer months.

To schedule an appointment, call 72 Degrees at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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