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Top Reasons to Get On Our Comfort Protection Plan

Are you on our Comfort Protection Plan yet? If you aren't, you’re in luck, it’s not too late! Here are some reasons why getting on our Comfort Protection Plan is a good idea.

Long-Term Savings On Heating and Cooling

Even if you have our Basic Protection Plan, you can still save a considerably large amount throughout the span of the agreement. Our protection plan come with added services, catch potential problems before they happen and fix problems before they get worse. This method ultimately saves you money in the long run. It can also help you save money on energy bills because maintenance programs ensure that your systems are kept up and working properly.

Discounts On Additional Services

Many protection agreements offer additional discounts on services. Typically there will be a discount on labor, diagnostics and repairs. 72 Degrees includes discounted add-ons, discounts on parts, priority appointment scheduling and a waived travel and diagnostics charge depending on which plan you choose. Overall, having a protection plan in place makes scheduling an appointment and maintaining your systems easier and more cost-effective

Keeping Up On Warranty Guidelines

Getting on a protection program will also help you keep up on warranty guidelines. Most warranties will require you to get a maintenance check every so often in order to keep the warranty valid. Getting on our Comfort Protection Plan will make sure that you don’t accidentally forget your routine maintenance, and keep your warranty valid.

Expanding The Lifespan Of Your Heating & Cooling Systems

Last but definitely not least, getting on a Comfort Plan will expand the lifespan of your heating and cooling systems. Skipping routine maintenance can take a huge toll on your systems over time and result in problems that could have been avoided. Taking care of your system will optimize higher efficiency, avoid repairs and keep your system around longer.

72 Degrees provides cost effective Premium and Basic comfort plans to choose from. One of these plans will be sure to fit your needs and ensure that your system is providing the comfort that you deserve. Visit or call 515-965-7272 for more information on our Comfort Protection Program.

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