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Geothermal Heat Pump Installation in Ankeny and surrounding areas. 


Going green with a Geothermal system means more green in your pocket.

The demand for residential geothermal systems has been increasing more and more over the last several years. 

​The rising cost of propane is resulting in homeowners looking for additional options because it is simply too expensive to heat their home. In return, new homeowners don't want to purchase a home that has sky high energy bills. Iowa has a huge population that lives in the country and it is not a matter of "if" they transition to geothermal, but "when".


Geothermal equipment is much more efficient than it used to be resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits that simply cannot be beat!​

Benefits of Geothermal Systems

Less wear and tear than conventional systems due to limited environmental exposure

Long lasting reliability

Uses the Earth's free stored energy to heat and cool your home​

COMFORT- providing dryer air in the summer because it doesn't bring the humid outside air into your home

  • How Is It Installed?
    A series of pipes transfers energy from the ground and these pipes can be buried in the ground, sunk in a pond, or even by using an existing well. “Closed loops” use re-circulated fluid in a series of pipes installed vertically, horizontally, or in a pond. “Open loops” use well water. Running the pipes vertically is a great choice for limited land space but horizontal loop systems can go in a variety of locations and work just as well at a reduced installation cost. Our experts at 72 Degrees can survey the site location and help determine the ideal location for your system.
  • Why Is Geothermal the Choice For Me?
    The average home's cost for cooling, heating and hot water are about 70% of the utility bill. By going green with a Geothermal system, you can put more green in your pocket. Since our heating season in Iowa is so long, the geothermal system efficiencies can make a big impact on your energy costs throughout the winter. The temperatures underground vary little from summer to winter, making a geothermal system a good choice in our climate. In the summer, the lower operating costs of geothermal systems make cool temperatures and dry air a budget-friendly reality.
  • How Does It Work?
    Geothermal system operates like a standard air conditioning system in that it transfers heat, but does it more efficiently by transferring the heat to the ground through interconnecting loops. To put it simply, geothermal is a way to heat or cool a structure using the existing ground temperature. In the summer, the system removes the heat from your home and dumps it into the earth. In the winter, it extracts the sun's energy from the ground and pumps it into your home providing the perfect comfort but in a very efficient manner.

For more information about Geothermal, call (515) 965-7272

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