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We Install and service all major brands.


72 Degrees offers a wide range of garage heating systems for ideal comfort.

Lennox Garage Heater
Renzor Garage Heater
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  • Quiet

  • Efficient

  • Compact Low Profile Design

  • Residential/Commerical Approval

  • Verstile Mounting Options

When the bitter Iowa winter arrives, there is always one area of the home that everyone wishes for it to be warmer....the garage! A garage heater can make the air in the building warmer and a lot more comfortable. 


They come in a variety of sizes and can be suspended directly from your garage ceiling and for convenience, the unit can be controlled by a wall mounted thermostat.

Lennox Garage Heater
Lennox Logo
  • Warmth for 1-4 car garage

  • Uniform heat distribution 

  • Uses natural or propane gas

  • Provides warmth for pets and plants kept in the garage

  • Direct spark ignition improves unit operation and efficiency

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