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72 Degrees Comfort Company offers maintenance plans to be proactive with your home’s comfort. Choose between two levels of protection for your heating and cooling system. Both plans offer a monthly or annual payment option for your convenience.

72 Degrees

Membership Plan

Furnace tune-up

One PREMIER furnace tune-up performed during Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan. or Feb Includes Filter*

Air Conditioner tune-up

One air conditioner tune-up performed during April, May, June, July or Aug. Includes Filter*

Guaranteed preferred service on emergency repairs

Travel & Diagnostics repairs

Waived Travel and Diagnostics Charge

10% Discount on parts & labor

Guarantee on repairs

Full 2 Year Guarantee on Repairs

Discount to replace your heating & cooling system


Waived labor on repairs of warrantied parts** system


*MERV 8 filters only. Higher efficiency filters are extra. Tune-ups will be performed at 6 month intervals. **Waived labor applies to new installations by 72 Degrees during their part warranty period. Continuous and uninterrupted maintenance plan participation is required and must begin within one year of installation. installation.

We also offer Comfort Protection Plans for Geothermal. Please call (515) 965-7272 for details.

$20 Monthly


$228 Annually

We also offer Comfort Protection Plans for Geothermal Systems!

For more information about any of the Comfort Protection Plans, call (515) 965-7272

Did you know that most manufacturer warranties are voided if regular maintenance is not performed?

A far too common problem that we see in the air conditioning business is repairs and replacements that could have easily been avoided if regular maintenance was performed.

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