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We service & install all major brands

Water heaters can be anywhere from 62% to 98% efficient. They can come with tanks or without and provide never ending hot water. It is important to select a water heating system that will provide your family with enough hot water and do so efficiently, resulting in saving you money.


Regardless of if you are replacing an old water heater that isn't functioning properly or if you are installing a new water heater to improve your home's energy efficiency, 72 Degrees has the experts that you can trust and depend on.

Water Heaters

Fire Pits & Gas Lines

Fire Pits

Natural or propane gas functions as an efficient and cost-saving method of fueling appliances.


It’s versatile, affordable, clean, and works to successfully power some of our most frequently used home appliances. These are:

  • Outdoor Fire Pits

  • Ovens

  • Stoves

  • Water Heaters

  • Dryers

  • Furnaces


Proper installation and repair of gas lines is essential in maintaining a safe home environment for you and your family.



We offer full fireplace service and maintenance.


Gas fireplaces require regular maintenance for safe, dependable operation. Our service includes:

  • Cleaning dust and debris around controls, burners, and pilot assemblies.

  • Glass cleaning 

  • Check for gas and carbon monoxide leaks 

  • Verify the operation of all  devices and controls

Feet by the Fire
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