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Mitsubishi Mini Split

What is a mini split?

A mini split system is a small heat pump or air conditioner that consists of two pieces. One piece is an indoor evaporator with its own individual thermostat and the other piece is an outdoor condenser. The two pieces attach via a small tubing that usually goes through the wall.


The indoor piece can be located anywhere on the wall, near the ceiling or near the floor. Most times, a mini split is designed to heat or cool one room, but one outdoor condenser can be attached to as many as four indoor evaporators so multiple rooms can be set to the temperature that you desire.


Because of a mini splits small size and flexibility for zoning when heating/cooling individual rooms, you can operate them only when someone is in the room which results in saving energy and money.
Mini splits are ductless and are easier to install than other types of space conditioning systems- generally needing only a three inch hole through the wall for the conduit


Some people may find the appearance of the indoor part of the mini split system, not attractive as compared to the built in look of a central system. It is important to have the system correctly sized because it can result in over cycling and wasting energy and money as well as not providing and maintaining the proper temperature or humidity control.
Our qualified technicians at 72 Degrees will ensure that you have the correct size unit for your space and can answer any questions that you have.

For more information on ductless mini split systems, call (515) 965-7272.

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