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3 Hidden Reasons Why Your Home is so Dusty

You just did a quick wipe down of your furniture before work and the dust is back. Is this a common occurrence in your home? Your HVAC and a number of other reasons could be contributing factors. Check out these 3 hidden reasons why your home might be dusty.

Vacuum Cleaner Did you know that using your vacuum can increase your exposure to dust and allergens? Your carpet is full of dust and dust-mites. When you run your vacuum cleaner, it sucks up the dust and expels the small particles back into the air. If hardwood floors aren’t in your budget, you could try using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter; catching all particles .3 microns in size with an efficiency level of 99.97%.

Air Filters Adjusting your thermostat to "ON" while dusting circulates the air constantly, sucking up the dust and removing it through the air filters. Cheap fiberglass air filters are not effective at catching dust, which in turn allows the AC evaporator coil to get dirty, recirculating the dust in your home. Buying a quality air filter with a MERV rating of 5-8 will catch some of the smallest dust particles, allowing your HVAC system to run efficiently.

Air Duct Leak Trying to water your plants with a hose full of holes isn’t very effective, your air ducts work the same way. A typical home loses 20-30% of air flow through air duct leaks, which in turn grabs air from your attic or other dusty places and recirculates it throughout your home. If you notice any hot-cool places in your home, or have a high energy bill, call a professional to perform a pressure test.

Tired of pushing dust around or have more questions? Call 72 Degrees Comfort Company at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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