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4 Reasons Why Your Furnace is Leaking

If you see water under your furnace, don't panic! There's a good chance it can be repaired.

First, you need to locate where the water is coming from. Make sure it's not standing water that has leaked from pipes or the foundation. Once you're sure it's coming from the furnace, it could be one of these four reasons:

Clogged Floor Drain A simple clog in the drain around your furnace is nothing to worry about. Clear the floor drain of dirt and debris regularly to reduce backups and flooding.

Improperly Insulated or Taped Pipes If it's been while since you've had your pipes checked, cleaned, and repaired, the insulation or tape surrounding them may be wearing out. This allows condensation to form. Routine maintenance keeps everything running correctly and prevents water from pooling.

Clogged AC Internal Drain If your furnace and AC share an internal drainage pipe, a clog may be the culprit of the standing water. These clogs can be preventing with regular service.

Flue Pipe Problem An improperly sized or neglected flue pipe can allow condensation to build up inside your furnace and pool on the floor. To reduce future issues and repairs, it's best to have your flue regularly checked and serviced.

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