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Bathroom Exhaust Fans are a BIG Deal!

Have you ever noticed that your bathroom is a bit chilly in the morning when you get up? We might know why!

This could be due to your bathroom exhaust fan. A bathroom exhaust fan is just a fan attached to a hose that leads outside. They are designed to remove moisture during a shower so that you don’t end up with a mold issue. When working correctly, it should be a one-way street to the outdoors. During the cold weather season, exhaust fans may also be making it too easy for frigid air to creep in. An easy way to check is to put your hand up by your fan and see if there is cold air coming in. A leaky exhaust fan can lead to significant energy loss which in turns increases your utilities.

Here is what you need to know….. Every exhaust fan should have a backdraft damper installed where the exhaust duct exits the roof or exterior wall. This may be a factory-installed piece that came with an exhaust fan kit, or it could be a separate part selected by the installer.

It is important to know where your exhaust ducts exit and how your dampers work, because there are several things that can go wrong with them. Over time, dampers can suffer broken parts or the flaps might get rusted and stuck open. It's a good idea to check these out in early fall or anytime you clean your gutters.Even if your damper is in good shape, you may want to consider replacement if you notice abnormally cold air below your exhaust fan. Not all dampers are created equal, and some may allow too much cold air to seep in even when they're functioning normally. Not all exhaust fans are created equal. Some have low-powered fans that can barely push open the first flapper damper much less the second flapper at the roof. When you shop for exhaust fans you will be surprised to discover it only costs a little more money to get a very high-quality fan.

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