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Comfort & Efficiency

Want to maximize home comfort and efficiency at the same time? Then where you set your thermostat makes a big difference. Your heating and cooling is typically more than half of your utility costs, so making smart setting choices and having an efficient system, makes a HUGE difference.

What’s a good temperature for comfort and efficiency

In the summer, the recommended thermostat setting is actually 78 degrees however, this isn’t the ideal comfortable temperature for everyone. (We obviously think it’s “72 Degrees”) Kidding aside, here are some tips to stay cool without increasing your energy bills:

Control Humidity: The humidity in the summer can leave it feeling muggy, use your exhaust fans in the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms to keep the humidity down.

Zone System: Zoning is a method of heating and cooling sections of your house at different temperatures. You can achieve a more even temperature in each room by combating fluctuations caused by sun exposure, interior heat gain and other factors.

Programmable Thermostat: Program the temperature while you’re away at work or vacation- keeping the house warmer while you are away and automatically being cool by the time you return home.

Window Coverings: Don’t forget about the easy solution! Shutting your curtains to keep the sun out makes a big difference.

To learn more about zoning or more ways to increase your comfort and efficiency, call 72 Degrees Comfort Company today at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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