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Costly AC Myths

Have you fallen for one of these common costly air conditioning myths?

Your home will cool faster by turning the thermostat down: Cooling your home will always be a matter of time. Even if you set the thermostat at the lowest setting, your AC unit will continue to run at the same pace.

Bigger AC units work better: An AC unit whose capacity is too big for the space will force its compressor to turn itself on and off in quick intervals, which wears it out, shortens its life, and uses a lot of electricity.

Turning off the AC when you're not home will save energy: This is only true for extended periods. If you turn off the AC before going to work on a hot summer day and turn it back on when you get home, it has to work harder to cool your home.

It’s best to let your AC unit "kick the bucket" before replacing:

Buying a new AC unit can cost you money in the beginning, its higher efficiency will save you more money than operating an old one.

Thermostat location doesn’t affect air quality or temperature: A thermostat should always be placed away from heating or cooling sources, and in a central location where it can get an average reading of the temperature levels in your home.

Fans keep a room cooler: Fans move air in a room but do not affect the air temperature. However, it creates a wind-chill effect, so it may make you feel cooler.

Close vents in unused rooms: Closing vents in rooms you do not use throws off the air distribution throughout your home. It causes pressure to build up in your ducts, making your AC unit work harder.

AC Maintenance is a Waste of Time and Money if you Have a Newer Unit: If you have a high-efficiency, modern air conditioner...don’t you want to keep it performing that way for as long as possible?

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