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How to Choose an HVAC Unit for House Flipping

If you flip homes, you know that buyers expect the heating and cooling system to be in good working order - the newer the better. Here is how to choose the right HVAC system for your flip.

New heaters tend to jump out in home listings, especially here in Iowa. But, If the property's heating or cooling system is 10+ years, it won't go unnoticed and could potentially scare off a potential buyer.

Repair or Replace?

For newer systems, repairing is usually the most economic option. However, if the cost of repair is over 1/3 the cost of a replacement, a replacement is probably the better option. Costly repairs won't add the same value like a new system does.

Consider Upgrades

There are so many HVAC options, but your best bet would be to match the system to the market, whether that be high-end efficiency, geothermal, or standard. Here are somethings to consider:

Efficiency Rating: Your heating system's efficient rating (AFUE) is a measure of the amount of energy that’s converted to heat. Older furnaces have a rating of around 70% while today units are about 80%. However, the more expensive high-efficiency furnaces can reach 95%, which may be attractive to buyers in a more upscale neighborhood.

Rebates: Local and federal rebates are usually available for upgrading the property's HVAC system, depending on the system. This can help offset the price of installation.

Other Components

AC: A home without central AC may turn away buyers, depending on the target demographic. In fact, an AC upgrade may be required.

Thermostat: These are a nice low-cost replacement item which buyers will love to see on the list, especially a programmable thermostat.

To discuss which would be the best option for your flip, call 72 Degrees Comfort Company at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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