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How to Keep Pests Out of your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is particularly attractive to creepy-crawlies and other critters, but did you know that ignoring pest problems can have damaging consequences to your heating and cooling system as well as your health? Prevent pest infestations by taking these steps to make sure your home and HVAC system are protected.

Seal Your Ducts Gaps, cracks and other disconnections allow for pests to enter your HVAC system and into your home. Once inside, insects and vermin can damage ductwork and cause indoor air quality issues by leaving behind excrement and dander. You can use foil tape for small cracks and sealant for larger holes, but it’s best to have a professional seal the ductwork and check for any unwanted guests.

Install Flue and Vent Covers Covering all exterior flues and exhaust vents prevents pests from turning your pipes into their new nesting spot. Not only will covers block pest’s points of entry, they also prevent rain water from getting into vents; make sure they are installed securely so small animals can’t pull them off.

Protect your AC Condenser Rodents and other small creatures can damage your AC condenser by chewing, scratching, urinating, and more. Protect your condenser by keeping the area clear of debris and by scrubbing the unit clean with soap and warm water to detract vermin. You can also spray the area with pest repellent for good measure.

Regular Maintenance You should consider hiring a pest control service, as well as scheduling maintenance, ensuring your system is running efficiently.

Keep your home free of pests by scheduling a tune-up for your home’s heating and cooling system. Ask about our information about the MAP to save even more money! For more questions, call 72 Degrees Comfort Company at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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