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How to Make your Furnace More Efficient

Being consistent with your maintenance is the number one way to make sure your HVAC system is running at peak performance, and avoid breakdowns. It should be done at least once a year and includes a through inspection, cleaning, and check for any signs of disrepair or adjustments.

Here are extra heating efficiency tips:

Change Your Air Filters You may think that your air filters are there to protect your indoor air quality, but it's actually intended to protect the HVAC system from dust, dirt, and other debris. These particles cause your system to work less efficiently, making it work harder than it needs to. It's recommended to change your filters every 1-3 months, depending on a variety of household factors.

Turn Your Thermostat Down Our winters get pretty cold here in Iowa, so why turn down the thermostat?

Most home owners have their thermostat set too high in the winter and too low in the summer because they think it will condition their home faster. However, it actually uses more energy and is counterproductive. In the winter, 68 degrees is the appropriate temperature for most homes.

Use Ceiling Fans This is more than just a summer time tip. Fans do not cool or heat your home by themselves, but they do redistribute warm and cool air evenly. This means you'll be using less energy from your heating system, and save money.

Are you looking for more efficient heating options? call 72 Degrees Comfort Company at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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