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Post Renovation HVAC Cleaning

Home renovations are a rough process but a fantastic way to improve comfort, aesthetics, functionality, and resale value of your home. However, nearly all renovations create residual dust and debris that you may not be able to see. That's because it's inside your HVAC system potentially harming your indoor air quality, creating odors, and putting a strain on the system.

What To Do

Post-renovation clean up is important because the dust and debris get into your air ducts. The best thing you can do is hire a professional HVAC company to come in and clean the ducts, saving you from a costly equipment replacement or repair.

HVAC Cleaning

When you hire a professional company, there are several areas focused on such as:

  • Replacing the HVAC filters. They prevent dust and debris from entering the system.

  • Duct cleaning gets rid of dust and debris that can cause a clog, improves IAQ, gets rid of smells, mold growth, and improves overall efficiency.

  • Air conditioner coil cleaning. It's essential to your cooling system and is another place where dust and debris can build up, which can affect airflow and cause costly repairs and equipment failure.

After renovation, consider an HVAC maintenance plan. It's the number one way to extend the life of your system, increase efficiency, and stop future breakdowns and repairs. For more information on our maintenance program, call 72 Degrees Comfort Company at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Mar 31, 2022

I used to call HVAC contractors once in a year for yearly inspection.They check the whole system and if any problem has been seen they will repair it immediately.

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