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The Best Time to Install a New Heating System

The best time to replace your heating system is during the spring or summer, which is right around the corner! But don’t worry, take your time in the decision making process, we install equipment year round.

Diagnose the problem

You need to determine what’s going on with your old furnace. Are your fears that your furnace won’t make it through next winter justified? Or can some reasonably priced repairs make it more likely your furnace will push through the future cold months. We can help you decide the best choice for your situation.

Choose your fuel

With any heating replacement, you’ll most likely stay with the type of heat you have now, but you should at least be aware of what else is available.

Natural gas

This option makes the most sense if you have gas service available to your home. Gas burning furnaces are extremely efficient and natural gas is the cheapest fuel.


If natural gas isn’t available, a simple conversion allows your furnace to burn propane. You will need a large propane tank (make sure it’s filled on a schedule so you don’t run out).

Air source heat pump

Although these aren’t as economical as natural gas, they are an efficient form of electric heat. Having electric heat means there’s no risk of gas leaks causing an explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning. However, heat pumps may have a hard time keeping your home comfortable if the temperature drops below zero.


This option uses a ground source heat pump, which means it uses the relatively constant underground temperature. This is a very efficient system but does require underground excavation, meaning it will cost more up front.

If the verdict is you need a heating system, call 72 Degrees Comfort Company at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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