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The Proper Humidity Level For Your Home This Winter

With winter well on the way, air will start to become dryer and dryer, causing mild to severe discomfort for your family. A humidifier is a wonderful tool that improves your indoor air quality, but too much of it can also cause problems. The right settings will ensure your home humidity level is safe and comfortable.

Relative Humidity The amount of water vapor the air in your home holds is called relative humidity, which changes with the temperature of the air. Warmer air holds more water than cooler air, which is why your home is usually dryer in the winter.

A comfortable relative humidity level for most homes between summer-fall is between 30-50%. However, when the temperature drops during the winter, you'll need to make adjustments; a humidity level of 50% will cause damaging condensation to window sills and walls.

An easy way to spot if the humidity level is too high is if you notice window condensation. When the temperature is between 0-20 degrees, the recommended humidity level is 20-25%.

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