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What Happens If You Don't Change The Air Filter?

It's common knowledge that your furnace needs a clean air filter to work efficiently. You should change your filter year-round, but what happens when it's not changed? Today we will be going over filter basics.


Running your system without a filter will allow dust and debris to get trapped in the coil of your system, leading to costly damages. Make sure your system has an air filter in it at all times. Just because you have a filter in your system does not mean you can walk away and forget about it. We recommend changing your filter at least every three months. Depending on the filter, the time frame will vary. When you purchase your filter, look for the time recommendation on the package.

You will also see when a filter needs to be changed. If you feel like it has been a while, pull out your filter and see how much dust and debris it has collected. If there is a decent amount of build-up, it is best to change it. Neglecting this task can lead to your system clogging, which will turn into the problems below.


If you lose track of filter maintenance, your system can become less efficient. This is one way your system can tell you it's overdue for a filter change. The build-up will block the airflow, resulting in your system not running as efficiently as it should. As a result, your home will take longer to heat up or cool down, and your energy bills will increase since your system will have to be on for longer to reach set temperatures.


Running your system with a dirty filter will impact your home's air quality. The main job of a filter is to prevent particles from getting into the air. Changing your filter on time will prevent your air quality from diminishing.


Lastly, neglecting filter maintenance will eventually lead to repairs and breakdowns. Since your system does not function properly when the airflow is blocked, it will make your system work harder than it needs to, resulting in unnecessary wear and tear. Blocked airflow can also lead to problems like frozen coils and furnace failure from strain on the air blower.

It is smart to keep up on filter maintenance at all times if you want your system to run efficiently and prevent breakdowns. For further HVAC assistance, visit or call us at 515-965-7272.

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