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What Makes a Top-Rated HVAC System

You don’t need to be an expert to shop for an HVAC system, but you should know your needs and the individual components that can help meet them. Here are some important factors to consider when shopping for a new system:

Energy Efficiency

The more energy efficient the system is, the more money you can save; energy-efficient models work less to cool and heat your home, reducing your utility bills. You can evaluate energy efficiency by the system’s SEER rating. The minimum is a 13 rating, but more efficient systems are rated 20-28.

Sound Rating

The amount of sound an HVAC system makes can be found by looking for the decibel rating on its label; most range from 25-55 decibels (not much louder than a refrigerator). If you live in a smaller home where the system is more audible from outside, search for a quieter sound rating.


While it's important to consider the initial system cost, you should also consider long-term costs associated with the system’s energy efficiency and durability.


An HVAC warranty typically lasts 5-10 years. As a standard, the manufacturer covers the cost to replace faulty parts during this time period, but it doesn’t always cover labor costs. Always ask for full warranty details when shopping (Sometimes extended warranties can be purchased).

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews help you gain valuable insight into an HVAC system. Manufacturers often list reviews on their website, as well retailer sites. Look for detailed reviews that list the customer’s home type, budget, and location - the most helpful reviews come from buyers with similar needs to yours.

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