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What to do with Unwanted Guests in your Ductwork

Many homeowner's don't realize they have a pest problem until it's too late. The insulation material in your ductwork are a rodent's optimal dwelling; making nests and using your system as their own personal highway to move around your home. Learn what to do with unwanted guests in your duct work below.

Assessing the Problem Rodents get into your duct work by chewing their way in or by searching for unsealed access. Check for any holes in your ductwork or walls, rodent droppings, and insulation materials coming out of your registers; this indicates you have a pest problem. Also listen for any unusual noises in your walls or bad smells coming out of your vents.

Fix the Problem To maximize energy efficiency, begin by patching up found points-of-entry and set out traps in your registers with aromatic foods. Make sure to turn off your system before you do this and turn it back on after the traps are set. Check the traps once a day and dispose of any found rodents. If there is extensive damage or the problem does not go away, call a professional.

Preventative Action Getting annual preventative  HVAC maintenance is the best for preventative pest care. Another tip is to keep your food stored away in metal containers and to always have points-of-entry repaired when found; only a professional can determine if and how much ductwork repair you need.

Avoid costly HVAC repairs and allow your family to have peace of mind in your home this season; to schedule your preventative maintenance or if you have any questions call 72 Degrees Comfort Company at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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