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A Green Way To Heat And Cool Your Home

Are you looking for ways to go green? We offer residential geothermal systems that are healthier for the environment, while putting some green back in your pocket. So how do geothermal systems work? Let’s find out!

The demand for geothermal systems has been increasing every year. The rising cost in propane results in homeowners looking for alternative options to heat and cool their homes that are more affordable. A geothermal system is something that you can enjoy, and it also increases the value of your home. No one wants to buy a house with high energy bills. Geothermal equipment has advanced over the years, causing it to be more cost efficient while providing environmental benefits that just can’t be beat!

Geothermal systems are installed through a series of pipes that transfer energy from the ground. These pipes can be buried in the ground, sunk in a pond or in an existing well. Closed Loops use re-circulated fluid in a series of pipes that are installed vertically, horizontally or in a pond. Open Loops use well water. Running pipes vertically are great if you have limited land. Running pipes horizontally can go in a variety of locations and work just as well with a reduced installation cost. A professional technician can help determine the ideal location for your system and exactly how it should be installed.

Now that we have gone through the installation process, how does it work? Geothermal systems operate like a standard air conditioning system, in that it transfers heat, but does it more efficiently by transferring the heat to the ground through interconnecting loops. In short, geothermal is a way to heat or cool your home using the existing ground temperature. In the summer, the system will remove heat from your home and dump it into the earth. In the winter, it extracts the sun's energy from the ground and transfers it throughout your home. This process provides the perfect comfort in an efficient manner.

So why is geothermal a great choice to consider? The average home’s cost for cooling, heating and water are about 70% of the utility bill. By going green with a geothermal system, you can save money on utilities while doing something good for the environment. Since Iowa has such extreme weather changes and long winters, geothermal efficiencies can make a big impact on your energy costs throughout the year.

The major benefits of having a geothermal system are less wear and tear than conventional systems due to limited environmental exposure, long lasting reliability, uses the earth’s free stored energy to heat and cool your home and more comfort in the summer because it prevents humid air from coming into your home.

Call 515-965-7272 to set up an appointment with a trusted HVAC professional to learn more about how you would get a geothermal system and if it is right for you.

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