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Buying a Home? Don't Forget These 3 Important Questions!

When buying a new home, it is easy to only focus on how the house is set up, colors, yard size, number of bed rooms, but don’t forget to ask about the HVAC system. Even though you have a home inspector come in and look for general issues, it is recommended that as the homeowner you ask a few questions about your system. Here are some questions that you can ask:

What is the history of the HVAC system?

You can easily discuss the history of repairs on the system with your Realtor, Inspector, or even the past home owner. Find out if there have been any major repairs done in the past. Keeping track of these repairs can save you money in the future and will also tell you if you will have any major expenses to expect in the near future.

Is the furnace and air conditioner properly sized for the home? Ask the homeowner if you can see previous heating and cooling bills. Increased energy bills could mean that the HVAC system is sized incorrectly. Heat loss is another red flag that the size may be wrong. A system that is not properly sized can cause major issues later down the road.

Can I test out the heating and cooling system? Any Realtor and homeowner should be okay with you testing out both the heating and cooling system. Make sure that you can feel the cool air and the warm air coming out of all the vents of the house. Take notice of any smells or noises.

Conversations about the HVAC system in a home you are potentially buying is a must. Make sure to discuss any expectations before closing on your home. A furnace and air conditioner that perform well are the key to a happy home.

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