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Can I Recycle My Old AC Unit?

You got a new air conditioner, but now you don’t know what to do with the old one! When it comes to AC disposal, it is common to assume that it's supposed to be thrown away, but your air conditioner should never be thrown away. It’s against the law to throw your air conditioner in your weekly garbage can, and it's damaging for the environment if your old system makes it to the dumpster. If you have an old unit that you need to get rid of, we've got some ways for you to correctly recycle, sell or donate the AC unit.

So why is throwing your AC away in your garbage illegal? Your air conditioner uses a cooling refrigerant that is harmful to the environment if it sits in a landfill. Your AC unit could contain R-22 refrigerants which are typically found in older models or R-410A refrigerants which are usually found in newer models. Even though R-410A is comparably less harmful than R-22, they both still emit greenhouse gasses making them a threat to the environment if they are not properly disposed of. The safest way to dispose of your old AC unit is to correctly recycle it.

You might be wondering how to even go about recycling your old AC unit. Before recycling, you need to make sure that you remove the refrigerant. Don’t try to attempt doing this yourself. You should always have a trained EPA licensed professional remove the materials safely and according to regulations. You can find these professionals working at scrap yards or sanitation and recycling companies.

Your first thought might be to dispose of your AC unit as fast as possible, but oftentimes these systems still have value. Another way to properly get rid of your old unit is to donate or sell it. If your AC unit is still working, it’s a great idea to donate or sell it to someone who needs it. Look around. Is there a school or shop that needs an air conditioner? Many senior citizens who live alone could use an extra air conditioner to get them through the summer. Even if your old unit has no value to you anymore, it could have great value for someone else.

Are you wondering how to sell your old AC unit? Selling your retired unit is definitely an option and creating an online listing would be the most straightforward way to go about this. There are always people who are on a budget that might benefit from a discounted AC unit or specialized companies that buy AC units for hotels or apartments.

If you need a new system installed or have any other questions about how to dispose of your old unit, feel free to give us a call! You can reach 72 degrees at 515-965-7272

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