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Can Pet Hair and Dander Damage my Furnace?

We love our little fury friends, but did you know that they can really take a toll on our furnaces when it comes to air quality and functionality?

Let’s talk fur:

Most pets love the outdoors which also means they might spend quality time outside throughout the day.  When our pets come back inside they also bring a collection of dirt and debris with them in their fur.  Once indoors and as your fury friend sheds (even hypoallergenic pets shed a little), that fur along with particles of debris makes its way into our ducts.  Our ducts are metal and work as a magnet for attracting all that loose fur!

Let’s talk dander:

Not only does Fido shed fur, he also sheds dander.  Dander is tiny little microscopic flakes of skin that animals shed.  We can’t see it, but it’s there and it’s being sucked into your ventilation system every time your furnace kicks in and your air return sucks in stale air.  As the dander travels back into your ventilation system, your furnace filter will collect it and if not changed often enough, will build up on your filter and eventually your filter will become clogged.

Let’s talk filters:

The main purpose of the filter in your furnace is to protect the blower fan from dust, hair, and other contaminating particles the return duct pulls in.  Although the primary purpose is not to clean the air it blows out, the condition of your air filter will greatly affect the quality of air filling your home.  If you don’t clean your filter often enough, your filter can turn against you!

Let’s talk damage:

Can all that fur, dander, and debris damage my furnace?  You bet it can.  Not only will it affect the quality of air you and your loved ones breathe in, it can also shorten the life of your furnace.  As your pet sheds, its fur and dander enter through your duct work and can build up throughout your venting system.  The fur will most likely get trapped in your air filter which is made to collect fur, dander, and debris as well as other contaminants.  Dirt and debris that clogs the filter can pollute your entire HVAC system which will lead to extra repairs, service, and parts that you may not have budgeted for.  Clogged air filters can also cause a decrease in air flow which in turn causes your fans and motors to work much harder.  This heavy wear and tear can dramatically shorten the life of those components as well as increase the amount of your energy bill.

Scheduled filter changes and routine annual maintenance is the best way to ensure that the air you breathe in won’t consist of part of your little fury buddy as well as save you lost of money by prolonging the life of your furnace!  Call today (515) 965-7272 or email us at

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