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Central AC Myths

Centralized air conditioning systems keep your home cool and comfortable, but there are a few misconceptions out there.

Requires Remodeling

Many homeowners believe that a major remodel is necessary for duct installation. However, it's not necessarily true. More modern models have switched from big bulky ducts to smaller high-powered circulation systems.

It's Expensive to Run

Leaky air ducts are the number one reason why central AC may be expensive to run, if not repaired. A system that's properly sized and taken care through regular maintenance costs just as much to operate as other comparable HVAC solutions.

They Cannot Be Dual Purpose

Many people think that a centralized HVAC system can only function as an AC or a heater, but not both. While that was true at one point, newer technology has greatly changed this with improved HVAC designs. Today, heating and cooling can function from one system.

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Sep 22, 2021

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