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Common Boiler Problems

Like any home appliance, boilers can break down due to a variety of reasons. When they do break down, it causes big problems that puts your home comfort at risk.

Here are the most common boiler problems:

Can't Heat Water Some key reasons why your boiler may fail to properly heat the water in your home includes broken diaphrams, valve failure, thermostat problems, and blown-out heating elements.

Leaking Pipes and Tanks A leaking boiler can create a huge mess in your home. This can be caused due to over-pressurization of the boiler from a failure in the valves. It can also be from weakened joints in the pipework that rupture.

Noisy Boiler This is more common in older boilers that rumble, whistle, and gurgle when working. These noises are usually due to limescale accumulation and sludge on the heating element or heat exchanger.

Blocked Pipes The water in your boiler's pipes often undergoes temperature change that lead to expansion and contraction. During the winter, the water tends to cool and ice may form which clogs the pipes. This prevents water flow which can lead to the above problems.

When you run into a boiler problem, call 72 Degrees Comfort Company at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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