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Do You Need to Cover Your AC When It Rains?

Rain comes and goes, but one common question that gets asked is whether or not you need to take the necessary measures to protect the outside component of the heat pump or A/C system from the rain.

The simple answer to this question is no. A split-system heat pump or air conditioner has two separate sections. The outside section is the condenser/compressor, and the indoor section contains the air handler and evaporator coil.

The outdoor portion of an A/C system is built to withstand mild and severe weather changes. If it rains enough to flood, and your outside a/c unit becomes partially or fully submerged, it will likely face damages. Although your air conditioner does not need much protection, it’s a good idea to think about extreme weather situations that you can prepare for. For example, it is recommended to cover your AC unit during the winter. When covering your A/C, you should allow for small holes to prevent moisture from getting trapped. Trapped moisture can damage sensitive parts of your system. While your A/C is running, the condenser should never be covered.

Make sure to stay on top of maintenance inspections and repairs and your system will live through light and heavy rainfalls. For more information about what systems we offer, visit our website at

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