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Fall HVAC Checklist

September is here which means your HVAC fall checklist is here!

The leaves will be changing soon and the temperature will be crisp before you know it, so it’s time to prepare! Let’s take a look at some ways that you can prep your HVAC system to transition from hot to cold weather.

Change your filter

Every month you should check your filter to see if it needs to be changed. Now that the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, Starting with a fresh filter for the fall is always a great idea. A clean filter will give your system a break before the cold comes and it has to start working hard again.

Check your thermostat

Since the weather is changing, it’s also a great time to check your thermostat schedule. You may find that the settings are set a bit too low now that the heat has dyed down. September is the perfect month to update your schedule and save some energy before the colder temperatures come.


Now is a great time to schedule a maintenance appointment for your A/C system. This will help you know how your system is doing and give you time to catch up on any potential issues that may be present. You will also be a step ahead since most people wait until next year to get any more maintenance done on their A/C systems.

Get a furnace tune-up

The best way to prepare for the cold weather is to get a furnace tune-up. This is a detailed check up of your furnace done by a heating and cooling technician. It will ensure that your system is in tip-top shape for the winter.

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