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How a Zone System Can Save You Money

We are always looking for ways to save money, especially if it’s on monthly bills. Energy bills can be a hard one to cut costs on, especially if the weather gets to extreme cold or hot temperatures. Although it can be tricky, there is a way that you can cut down your energy bills quite a bit with an HVAC zoning system. Here’s how this trick can save you bucks.

HVAC zoning systems better manage how much energy your system exerts into heating and cooling your home. It can cut your costs up to 20% while still keeping your home comfortable. This system allows you to decide what parts of your house need to be the coolest or warmest, and what parts of the house don’t need as much energy spent. Since your HVAC won’t cool or heat your home in every room, it will work more efficiently to cool the places that need it, and less hard since your whole home won’t need to be consistently regulated. This system is great for people who don’t use every room in their home on a daily basis, or spend a large amount of time in one area of their home.

So you might be wondering, how many zone areas can you have in one home? Some homes may require more comfort control than others. If your house consists of an upstairs and a downstairs, you might consider 2 zone systems. If your home has guest rooms, activity rooms, a theater, ect. Then you may consider more than two zones. The average zone system consists of two systems, but you can have as many zones as you need. Talk to an HVAC professional if you need help deciding how many zones are reasonable for your home.

There are many benefits that you can expect when getting a zone system installed. Choosing different heating and cooling settings for multiple people can be a task. Not everyone is comfortable in the same temperatures. If you have a multifamily household, a zone system can be very beneficial. If you have a two story house or you are noticing uneven temperatures throughout your home, a zone system could also be beneficial for you. Lastly, if you have infrequent living spaces or entertain guests often, a zone system could be beneficial in your home.

Thinking about installing a zone system? Call or visit our website today. You can talk to an HVAC professional today by calling 515-965-7272 or visit our website for more information at

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