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How to Keep Your Home Comfortable and Efficient in the Summer

In the midst of the summer heat, comfort is a top priority for homeowners across the country. Air conditioning systems operate around the clock to remove heat and make homes both comfortable and safe.

Annual air conditioning energy expenses of $263 is no insignificant amount to American families. Using less cooling in the home is one clear-cut strategy to reduce energy bills, but the cost isn’t necessarily worth it – your bills are lower, but so is your level of comfort inside the home. Instead, rethink your air to target efficiency improvements, which work to lower your energy bills while actually improving your household’s comfort!

If your home is equipped with an older air conditioning unit, you certainly aren’t receiving the indoor comfort levels you could achieve. Also, they don’t offer the higher energy efficiency levels that are required of new air conditioners on the market today.

Traditionally, air conditioning systems have worked by delivering one comfort level throughout the house. Unfortunately, this rarely means all spaces are kept at equally comfortable conditions. It often leads to energy waste and fluctuations in comfort from one area of the home to the next. Lowering the thermostat’s temperature to deliver more cooling because your living room is too hot means all areas receive more cooling – even if they don’t need it.

Different spaces have different needs which cannot be addressed by a single air conditioner without a little help – zoning systems do just that. A zoning system splits up your home into zones, which allow a single air conditioner to control comfort levels independently in each zone, without altering operation in other areas. Not only does zoning deliver precise comfort control, it eliminates the energy waste of cooling all areas the same!

A cool, comfortable summer doesn’t have to cost your family a fortune. Focus on maximizing the efficiency of your air conditioning system to not only achieve greater energy savings, but improve comfort levels throughout the entire home.

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