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MidAmerican Energy Increase

With MidAmerican Energy announcing that natural gas prices could increase 46% to 96%, everyone is dreading winter even more than normal. This increase could make heating bills nearly double which could be devastating for some Iowans and leave them wondering what to do. We want to share a few tips to help prepare for the cold and the rising bills ahead.

1. Maintenance – Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! We can’t stress enough the importance of having routine maintenance performed on your heating and cooling system. When you’re a maintenance customer with us, you receive annual maintenance on your air conditioner and your furnace, allowing us to keep your equipment running at its peak efficiency. Often, these visits can catch or prevent a malfunction before it happens, so you aren’t left in the cold. Eventually, all equipment fails and when it does, our maintenance customers are covered with discounted parts and priority scheduled appointments.

2. Schedule a Tune Up – We will examine each component of your furnace and provide a thorough assessment of your equipment. Testing your system ahead of the winter will help increase the odds that it will run efficiently all winter long.

3. Replacement – If you have an older furnace and it is only an 80% efficiency furnace, that means that 20% of heat energy is exhausted through the vent and to the outside. New furnaces are 90% and higher which save you a lot of money! You pay for the heat so don’t let it go to waste!

Contact 72 Degrees Comfort Company today to schedule a tune up, sign up for our maintenance plan or schedule a FREE quote on new equipment. You know what they say……..If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

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