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My Air Conditioner is Dripping—What Do I Do?

Is your air conditioner leaking all of a sudden? Don’t panic. This issue is common and can potentially be solved. First, let’s talk about why your system has started leaking.

1. Clogged Drain Line

The most common culprit to A/C leaks is clogged condensate drain lines. This can be due to dirt and dust passing through it. Over time, the dust, dirt, and water mixture will stick to the sides of the drain line, leading to a clog, which leads to the water getting backed up and not getting drained where it should.

DO: Clean the drain line and check for clogs every once in a while.

2. Not Enough Refrigerant

Having a small amount of refrigerant or none in your system can lower the pressure and cause a refrigerant leak. If this is the case, you will first notice the air not being as cold as it was before. Low refrigerant levels will also cause your evaporator coils to freeze. At first, this won’t pose a threat, but over time the frozen coils will melt and cause a leak. It is best to be proactive about this problem.

DO: Stay on top of refrigerant levels. Receiving annual maintenance can help you stay updated about your system and what it needs.

3. Air Filter Build Up

When it comes to HVAC systems, you should always stay on top of filter maintenance. If your system is dripping water, check your filter. Accumulated debris can stop the filter from doing its job and create a similar effect to low refrigerant levels. Improper airflow will eventually get to the coils and cause a leak. Letting this problem go on for too long can lead to bigger issues that could result in having to replace your system altogether.

DO: Change your filter and create a schedule or routine if you have trouble remembering.

4. Drain Pan Is Damaged

Damaged and rusted drain pans are a recipe for leaks. If you have a rusted pan, it is best to replace it due to the many different holes for water to leak through. If the pan is cracked, you can get away with sealant to fix this issue.

DO: Buy the correct drain pan for your unit. Talk to an HVAC professional if you need guidance.

Need HVAC assistance? 72 Degrees is happy to help! Visit our website at for more information, or call us at 515-965-7272.

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