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Proper Ductwork Sizing

HVAC systems circulate hot and cold air via the ductwork. For your system to run efficiently, your ductwork must be properly installed and fitted based on the needs of your system.


The efficiency of your HVAC system relies on the appropriate amount of heating and cooling in a given space, and that it doesn't use more energy than needed. To determine how much heating and cooling a space needs is relied on load calculations.

Load Calculations

Load calculations are measured in cubic feet of airflow per minute (CFM). An HVAC professional will preform a room-by-room load calculation by putting information into a protocol which then calculates the load. This calculation is factored against the output capability of the AC or furnace. This output vs requirement calculation is used to determine the appropriate duct size.

Incorrect Size

If the calculations are incorrect, here are some possible problems:

  • Undersized ductwork can increase static pressure which can cause excessive noise as air circulates and overworks the system.

  • Oversized ductwork can lead to less heated or cooled air circulating your home, making rooms under-conditioned and puts strain on the system.

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