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Should you turn your A/C off when you leave your home?

Are you looking for ways to save money or leaving for a vacation and wondering if you should turn your A/C off? Today we will be debunking some HVAC myths and informing you about different options to save money while being the most efficient with your systems.

One of the most common A/C beliefs is that it is more efficient to turn your A/C off completely when you leave your house and turn it back on when you arrive back. Leaving your air conditioner on is actually more efficient than frequently turning it on and back off. If you are looking to save money on a daily basis, it would be more efficient to invest in a programmable thermostat and turn the temperature up and down according to your schedule. Turning your system on and off everyday will result in wearing down your system and using more energy in the long run. Keeping your systems active on a regular basis is also important in controlling the humidity levels in your home. The lower the humidity, the more comfortable your home will feel while the weather is hot.

Were you told that turning off your A/C will save you electricity? This is also a very common HVAC myth. Turning your A/C off only means that you will need to turn it on later and your system will be playing catch up. Before cycling off, it will run for longer since your home has not been cooled all day which can result in higher energy consumption and more discomfort for you.

Although these commonly believed hacks have just been proven to be myths, there are still effective ways to save money and energy throughout the day while you are not home. Like mentioned earlier, a programmable thermostat is an easy and effective way to manage different temperatures in your home. Using this strategy can save you up to 15% on your cooling bills.

The only time that turning off your A/C can be beneficial is if you are leaving your house for over a week and you do not have any pets utilizing the space while you are away. Because you are gone for a longer period of time, this will prevent you from switching your A/C on and off which is the root problem of the previously stated myths. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can program your systems to be at a normal temperature by the time you arrive home to prevent discomfort.

For all of your heating and cooling needs, choose 72 Degrees! Our technicians are here to ensure that your systems are working properly and that you are comfortable. You can reach us at 515-965-7272 or visit our website at

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