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Start Your Spring Cleaning with HVAC Maintenance

One of your first spring cleaning tasks should be HVAC maintenance. Many owners don't realize that it should be a bi-annual priority - once in spring and again in fall. Here are the three reasons why: Hidden Allergens Mold, dust, and other airborne materials might be hiding in your HVAC equipment. Although air filters help to trap these materials, some still make their way through. Over the winter, dust and debris settle on the coils of your AC unit. If you combined that with moisture in the air, a layer of grime can develop. This grime is the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Ductwork also needs to be cleaned - it's is a favorite place for insects, dust mites, and rodents when your system hasn't been in use.

Costs Whether you're on a budget or not, HVAC maintenance shouldn't be seen as a needless expense. Spring maintenance contributes to overall better system performance, saving you money in the long run. Preparedness It's always better to prepare for the summer weather. Preventative care by an HVAC professional will spot potential issues or give a diagnoses before it becomes serious. Plan ahead of time and schedule your spring maintenance today! Call 72 Degrees Comfort Company at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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