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The Dangers of Overcharging Refrigerant

Your HVAC system needs to be charged at a certain level that's required by the manufacturer; not too high or too low. Depending on the state of compression, refrigerants can be hot or cold, making it possible for your AC or heat pump to generate hot or cold air.

Overcharged Signs

Overcharging happens when too much refrigerant is added. When this happens, it's like giving your HVAC system elevated blood pressure. The excess refrigerant collects inside the compressor which leads to sub-cooling that your system is not designed to handle.

The excess refrigerant can flood the HVAC's electronics and cause extensive damage. The elevated pressure can also throw the compression-condensation cycle out of sync, causing the entire system to reduce efficiency and increase your utility bills. You should also look out for random shutdowns and squealing sounds coming from the compressor.


It's always a great decision to call an HVAC professional who will calculate the correct refrigerant levels, restore your system back to normal, and assess any damages caused by the overcharging.

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