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The Difference Between Furnaces & Boilers

Boilers and furnaces operate in different ways:

  • Furnaces heat the air, then the blower motor moves that warm air throughout the home's duct system.

  • Boilers heat water, which then flow through the home's network of pipes. As the water flows, it generates heat throughout the home.

Another difference between these two systems is the maintenance:

  • Furnace air filters need to be changed every 1-3 months and maintenance twice a year.

  • Boilers need to have their excess air "bled", and the time to bleed the system varies by unit. Rooms that are improperly heated is a sign that maintenance is needed. The bonus to having a boiler is that you can heat by zones instead of the entire home, saving you money. However, they tend to increase the home's humidity levels, which can be helped with a humidifier.

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