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Tips for Landscaping Around Your A/C Unit

It’s that time of year. People are making landscaping plans for their yards. One thing to keep in mind is your outdoor a/c unit. Often, landscaping is done around the unit to make the area look better or simply because your project happened to cover that space too. Today we are going over the do’s and don’ts when decorating around your outdoor unit and some ideas on how to make the area flow better with the rest of your outdoor space.

DO keep plants and décor away from your unit:

As you're thinking about what types of plants and décor will go into your area, be mindful of placement. As long as you have at least 18 inches of clearance from all sides of your unit, placing décor and plants around this boundary will work just fine. Having proper clearance will keep consistent airflow. It will also make any A/C repairs or maintenance more convenient. If you want to hide your unit with a fence, that is okay, as long as the recommended clearance is followed.

DON’T pick invasive plants to go around your air conditioner:

Viney and invasive plants are typically not a good choice to plant around your HVAC system. Invasive plants can grow into the cracks of your HVAC, causing enough damage to result in a replacement.

DON’T place things that will attract rodents around your air conditioner:

Planting things such as corn or sunflowers can attract mice and other rodents near your system. Smaller rodents have the potential to seek shelter inside your unit. Not only does this result in a pest problem, but it also poses a threat to your system.

DO be mindful of what you put around your system:

Make sure that objects such as gardening tools, toys, and outdoor furniture are placid away from your system. This applies to landscaping as well. Your system needs enough clearance to work properly. Placing things around your system can interfere with the airflow. It is also a good idea to keep things such as loose soil away from your system as well. Loose landscaping elements can end up in your system, causing it to build up with debris.

Hopefully, these tips helped you understand the boundaries of your system. If you need professional HVAC help, visit or call us at 515-965-7272.

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