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Tips To Save $$ on Heating!

Cold weather is here, and we all know how expensive heating can be. Luckily there are some tricks to avoid those high heating bills. Here are four things that you can do to help cut down on heating costs.

One way to reduce heating bills is to turn the thermostat down. Some good times to do this are before bedtime or before you leave for work. Another way to utilize this tip is to set your heat about 7-10 degrees lower when no one is home. The Department Of Energy suggests in their Saver Guide to set your thermostat back by 7-10 degrees for eight hours per day to get an annual savings of up to 10%. You can invest in a programmable thermostat that can automatically do this for you.

Wearing warm clothes can help you stay comfortable and warm. It may seem cliché, but after putting on some layers, you might realize that the heat can go down a couple of notches. Always wear something to cover your feet. A pair of cozy socks or slippers will not only keep your feet warm but will also keep the rest of your body warm. Adding an extra blanket or two while you lounge around the house or sleep can also help keep you warmer.

If you're wondering why heat isn't flowing through your house like it should, check to see if you have furniture covering any vents. If you do, it's a good idea to rearrange your furniture so that no vents are covered. Covering your vents can prevent proper airflow throughout your house. This concept also applies if you have a couch or bookshelf in front of an air vent. Be sure to keep furniture at least two feet away from any vents.

Getting in the routine of servicing your furnace at least two times a year will help reduce heating and cooling costs. Regular servicing will keep your furnace running efficiently, costing you less money in the long run. Good times during the year are before summer and winter. Tune-ups will keep your heating and cooling systems functioning at their best. Regular inspections will help you catch problems in advance so you can avoid costly repairs or replacements later on.

Heating ranks as one of the highest expenses in any home. These easy tips will help you save as the weather gets colder.

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