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Top Heating Repairs

There are many things that can go wrong with heating systems, especially now that the weather has been cold for longer periods of time. Here are some of the most common heating repairs that need attention to ensure that you will stay warm throughout the whole winter.

Thermostat Repairs

Usually when a furnace is not working properly, it is because of issues in the thermostat. Some thermostats are powered by batteries which may have gone bad. Changing the batteries might be your easy fix. If your thermostat is powered through wiring, it could be time to replace old wires, there may be dust accumulation or extreme temperature changes outside. Fixing these minor issues in your thermostat will ensure that your furnace works properly.

Clogged Filter

One of the most common issues within the furnace is clogged and dirty filters. If you are not changing your air filters at the time it is recommended, there is a high possibility that this is your issue. If you are buying cheaper filters for your furnace, it is recommended that you don’t clean them to reuse them. Air filters that are made of metal can be cleaned and reused again.

Increased Noises

Heaters make different sounds while functioning properly, but if you hear any new or increased sounds it may be a mechanical problem. It is always best to call your local HVAC company as soon as you notice unusual sounds coming from your furnace. These sounds could signify less airflow or clogged burners.

Cycles Frequently

If your heater is consistently turning on and off, it may be telling you that your thermostat settings are bad. Try changing the settings on your thermostat, and if that doesn’t work, then your heater could have a clogged filter or improper airflow. Frequent cycles can typically be solved without professional help, but feel free to call if the steps listed did not take care of the issue.

High Energy Bills

Are you noticing that you are paying more and more every month on heating? This is a sign that your heater is not running efficiently. There are many different culprits that could be leading to this. The solution could be as simple as changing your air filter or the bigger decision of updating your systems. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call us!

Whether you are experiencing one of the problems listed above, or a different problem, 72 Degrees is always up for any challenge. Call us today at 515-965-7272.

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