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Does My A/C Unit Need a Cover During Winter?

Autumn has arrived and winter is following close behind. As the leaves turn bright colors and the temperatures start to drop, homeowners start thinking about winterizing their homes. But, what about winterizing your outdoor A/C unit? How does the rain, cold, snow and dirt affect your unit?

Your outdoor air conditioning unit was built to withstand rain and cold temperatures. All of the external hardware is made to withstand extreme weather. Although rain, hail and a little snow is no match for your unit, there are some pros to protecting your unit during the winter months. Today we will be going over the pros and cons to covering your A/C unit, and you can decide which option is best for you in the end.


Covering your outdoor unit will keep your coils clean. This will help your A/C unit run more efficiently when you go to use it again.

Covering your outdoor unit will also block debris from getting into your unit. Debris like leaves, sticks and dirt can be carried by the wind and get into your unit without that extra barrier.

Finally, covering your unit will prevent freezing. Covers will prevent snow and water from resting directly on our coils and freezing which can be damaging to your unit.


Covering your unit can increase the risk of rust through trapped moisture. If you are going to cover your unit, we recommend covering your unit when it is completely dry and completely so no water can come in.

Pests will seek shelter as the weather gets more severe. When covering your unit, you will want to make sure there is no way for pests to get under or through your cover. Pests can lead to problems such as chewed electrical wires and unpleasant surprises in or around your unit.

Mold is also a risk you will be taking if you decide to cover your unit. Since your air conditioner is made to be open to the air, it can increase the risk of most growth which can block proper airflow.

Now that you know the pros and cons to covering your outdoor unit, you can make the decision for yourself. The best way to protect your systems is by getting yearly maintenance checks. Call 72 Degrees today at 515-965-7272 to set up an appointment or visit our website at

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