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Don't Wait to Run Your Furnace

Maximizing your energy savings in the early fall when it's too cool for AC but too warm to turn on the furnace sounds like a good idea...until it's the first cold night of the season and your furnace gives out.

Maintenance The first thing you should do is call a professional for your bi-annual maintenance. They will check your system for any mechanical issues and make sure your HVAC system will be up and running even on the coldest of nights.

Clear Debris Make sure your furnace is clear of obstructions and flammable materials before turning it on as they can become a fire hazard.

Open Windows After you turn your furnace on for the first time, open windows throughout your home. The first cycle is likely to spread an unpleasant but harmless odor caused by the settling of dust over the summer months.

Check Registers and Vents Make sure that your registers and vents in individual rooms and other areas are open and free from obstruction to ensure maximum overall efficiency.

Thermostat Test your thermostat to make sure it's controlling your furnace and detecting the temperature in your home accurately.

Test Your Detectors Home heating is the leading cause of household fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. It's important to test and replace the batteries in your smoke alarm as well as the carbon monoxide detectors to keep your family safe.

Now is the perfect time to schedule a fall tune-up for your furnace! Call 72 Degrees Comfort Company at 515-965-7272 or email us at

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